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Poetry, prose, comedy and art, presented as beautifully designed paperbacks.

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David Rogers

Tom harbours a terrible secret.
By day, he works an office job and mourns the passing of his son.
By night, he exacts revenge on the man has imprisoned.
But things start to unravel when a chance discovery is made.
And madness is revealed to be a condition best not shared.

The chilling debut novel from David Rogers, now available for the first time in paperback.


David Rogers

Having survived a gruelling and prolonged ordeal at the hands of his father, Sean becomes submissive to a dark presence; a manifestation of what he experienced as a child that influences him in ways he cannot control.

As reality and fiction begin to bleed into one another, Sean is forced to accept the only truth he has ever really known; that despite his greatest efforts, he will always be his father's son.

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Featuring work by some of the UK’s most exciting emerging artists, Greetings walks the thin line between love and loss in an examination of what it means to be human. 
Desire and yearning take flight on windswept beaches and city streets, beneath crumbling monuments and monolithic office blocks. The dead are lamented, lovers are separated by distance, war and circumstance, and ancient family curses come to sinister ends.
In this inventive and powerful collection of poetry and prose, the reader is taken on a haunting and affective journey led by more than thirty new writers.


Stephanie Powell

An elegant, heartfelt collection of poetry and prose from one of London’s most exciting new writers – Stephanie Powell.

 Strange Seasons offers a meticulously crafted and achingly beautiful perspective of life, love and heartache that resonates long after the final page.

 A Short History of Castles in England – the second collection included within this book – is a work rooted in exploration, travel and the fleeting nature of time.

A fascinatng collection by an exciting new voice - Stephanie Powell, who is also featured in our Greetings anthology.


Gordon Meade with Jo-Anne McArthur

Written by accomplished Scottish poet Gordon Meade and illustrated with the stunning photography of animal rights activist Jo-Anne McArthur, Zoospeak is like nothing else you have ever read.
It is a journey of meditative, cyclic poetry that is somehow both repetitive and surprising, each stanza building on the last and shifting meaning with the addition of a single line.
This is a book that allows us to understand the plight of animals held in captivity throughout the world in a way that is artistic, reflective and poignant, each poem an experience rounded off beautifully by haunting and dramatic photography.


Carl Burkitt


A collection of questions? A selection of poems? A farting of thoughts? A flailing of limbs? Whatever it is, it exists.


The world is pretty wild. How do people keep going, every day? How do people really feel? What are we? Why are we? Do ghosts exits? What is hell? How do you know you have a forehead? If onions could cry, would you cut them? What week is it? Where do you see yourself in five years? What’s your name?

Overwhelmed and uncertain, Carl tried to answer a few questions.


Oh Standfast

Poetry and prose from absurdist London comedian Graham 'Oh Standfast' Goddard


Intensely likeable but at the same time
utterly terrifying!

A genuinely surreal routine, packed with
odd ideas.

Hilarious, inspired lunacy!

Offbeat comedy gold.
To do list

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Unheard Of
Poetry, Prose & Photography

Unheard of. Two words that encapsulate so much, and yet remain open to interpretation. Does Unheard Of represent the unknown, the disregarded, the undervalued? Or is the Unheard Of that which exists on the peripheries of our reality – myths, legends, curios yet to be uncovered? Can Unheard Of be found in a picture, or within the written word? Or will the Unheard Of remain as such, and so become forever fleeting? Approach, those that are curious, and find out for yourselves. We will lead the way for as long as you are willing to follow. And who knows? Perhaps the artists found within this collection, those who might be more Unheard Of than others, won’t stay that way forever...
Poetry, prose and photography from a diverse range of incredible new artists.

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Illuminating and entertaining discussions with artists, writers,  comedians, poets, video game designers, photographers and more.

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Enthusiastic Press was formed in January 2019 as a platform for unique, vibrant and engaging writing. Headed by an author with several years of experience in the industry, Enthusiastic Press takes an artist-centric approach - putting the writer at the centre of everything we do. There is no slush pile. Emphasis is placed on quality of work rather than how much money it might make. We sell our books at car boot sales, gigs, book fairs, pop-up stalls and online. We are a new movement - an independent publishing house with bite, incredibly proud of everything we have done so far and looking forward to a bright and exciting future.

If you would like to be a part of what we are doing, contact us via the button below.

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