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Anthology, 2021, New Logo, Radio Play, Books, ETC

Well, here we are. 2021. Wow. How did that happen!?

We've recently put out our amazing Unheard Of anthology, available here:

So good. So, so good. Poetry, prose and photography - a real treat for the eyes.

Ears are also taken care of, mind you, in the form of Act One of my radio play, EVILS. This was intended to be performed live, and it can still do with an edit, but here it is:

We have a few other books in the pipeline for the new year, and have also redesigned our logo (as can be seen at the top of our main page). I realised a while ago that Etsy has the same bloody logo as Enthusiastic Press, and there's also a clothes shop beginning with "E" that uses a similar design. So here is the redesign - Enthusiastic Press as an element, with the number of the book as its atomic mass determined by its year of publication. The background colour will change based on book design. Hope you like it!

That's all for now, but much more to come.

Love U, stay safe!

E. Dave X

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