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EGO anthology - Submissions now open (poetry, prose and photography)

Hello, all!

Following the success of our previous two paperback anthologies "Greetings" and "Unheard Of", Enthusiastic Press are pleased to announce that submissions are now open for our third collection of poetry, prose and photography. The title of this new book will be "EGO", and its theme is sure to be a fascinating topic to explore in your writing and art.

Freud determined that human consciousness was divided into two distinct parts - the SUPEREGO and the ID - both of which have a profound influence on our EGO, or who we are as human beings. The book in question will be divided into two parts: ID (representing our primal nature, our base urges, or perhaps passion, anger, frustration) and SUPEREGO (representing a lighter touch - reasoning, inhibitions, and the ideal self, or perhaps love, reflection, and gentleness).

We are looking for TWO submissions from each writer/artist/photographer, one for each part of the book and representing both the ID and SUPEREGO. The pieces can be entirely separate, or they can compliment one another (stories that are told from two different perspectives, for instance)


Please send submissions as an email attachment (Word preferably) to the below address, saved as this format: "Ego" + your name + type of submission (poetry,prose,art) + title of the piece.

Please use the same format as the subject line of the email.

Please also include a brief description/synopsis of the piece, as well as a brief about who you are, in the body of this email.

Here are the guidelines:


Poetry, Prose (no minimum word count. Max word count - 2,500-3000 words approx.)

Photography (black and white only).


Please send all submissions to

Many thanks and lots of love,

Enthusiastic Dave X

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