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Greetings Book Launch - Dogstar, November 1st '19

Hello, all. The book launch for our anthology Greetings took place on Friday November 1st at Dogstar, Brixton, from 5.45pm - 9.45pm. We had live music from Antonella and Andrea, Martin Spychal, Simon of legendary London band Bromide, and Alex Wyatt with Riccardo Poole.

We also had readings and spoken word performances from several writers involved with the book, including Paul Cree, Graham 'Oh Standfast' Goddard, Rosie Storey and Tom Lee.

The night was a total success, and it was touching to see so many creative people doing the thing they loved most for each other. Our community is growing quickly. We have sold approximately 90 copies of the anthology in just 5 days. I am so proud of the release and of everyone that contributed - this is just the beginning, and there is much more to come.

So watch this space!

Loads of love,

Enthusiastic Dave xxx

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