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Strange Seasons - Coming Soon

It is an honour and a privilege for me to announce our forthcoming title, Strange Seasons - written by the wonderful Stephanie Powell.

Strange Seasons is a book of poetry and prose and consists of two collections - Strange Seasons (as titled) and A Short History of Castles in England.

I arranged to meet with Steph after finding one of her zines - Strange Seasons - at a rehearsal studio on Holloway Road. She'd assembled her collection with the aid of a word processor, a photocopier and a decent pair of scissors.

I got in touch with her via the contact details she'd left on the back page. She then kindly sent her second collection - A Short History of Castles in England - in the post, which I read and devoured.

We met for a few beers afterwards at the Black Heart of Camden, where we batted ideas back and fourth and chatted about our influences. I was incredibly pleased when she agreed to let me work on compiling her book for release via Enthusiastic Press.

Steph has been extremely patient with all of my font tweaking, resizing and the sending of numerous PDF versions - each called something like "THIS ONE DEF!" or "DEFINITIVE" or "MASTER STEPH SEASONS". I'd like to think she could see how passionate I was about this project, which I hope went some way towards helping me not get on her nerves TOO much...

And so, with the book almost finished, I am incredibly happy to be able to share its cover with you, and announce that we have pencilled in a release date of late September/early October for Strange Seasons - Stephanie Powell's debut.

I will be sure to let you know via this page the exact publication date, and from where it can be bought. You won't want to miss it.

We will also be selling this book, amongst others, at our GREETINGS : ANTHOLOGY release party in Brixton on November 1st. More info about that soon.

I'd like to thank Steph Powell for letting me put this book out, and I can't wait for you all to read it. It's great.

Much love,

Dave Enthusiastic Press

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