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Unheard Of

Hello, one and all. I hope you're well and that your 2020 is going terrifically. I have some important announcements to make regarding the near and semi-distant future of our fair house. Do read on!

FIRSTLY, in a few weeks (21 February to be exact) we are honoured to be releasing Gordon Meade's tenth collection of published poerty, ZOOSPEAK. Paired with photography by animal rights activist Jo-Anne McArthur, Gordon's haunting and hypnotic verse gives voice to the voiceless, highlighting the plight of animals held in captivity throughout the world. It's a wonderful book and I can't wait to share it with you.

SECONDLY, we'll be releasing Graham 'Oh Standfast' Goddard's book on April 3rd. Poetry, art, comedy, the works - one look at his Instagram page and you'll know the kind of ride you're in for!

We'll be throwing an Awesome party in his honour on April 3rd in Angel at the New Rose - comedy, music, a dropbox for new submissions...the works. You will seriously not want to miss it - and it's free entry, too!

THIRDLY - following on from the success of our anthology, Greetings, I am happy to announce that submissions for our next anthology will be opening on Friday 31st January! Poetry, prose and pictures - anything goes - although the title/theme this time round is: UNHEARD OF. Make of that what you will, and send all submissions in to:

That's pretty much it for now! Hit me up with any questions or comments - love to you all! Oh, and keep any eye out for our next podcast - following on from our debut recording with Oh Standfast, which can be heard here:

Speak soon!


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