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Unheard Of

Hello, one and all. I hope you're well and that your 2020 is going terrifically. I have some important announcements to make regarding the near and semi-distant future of our fair house. Do read on!

FIRSTLY, in a few weeks (21 February to be exact) we are honoured to be releasing Gordon Meade's tenth collection of published poerty, ZOOSPEAK. Paired with photography by animal rights activist Jo-Anne McArthur, Gordon's haunting and hypnotic verse gives voice to the voiceless, highlighting the plight of animals held in captivity throughout the world. It's a wonderful book and I can't wait to share it with you.

SECONDLY, we'll be releasing Graham 'Oh Standfast' Goddard's book on April 3rd. Poetry, art, comedy, the works - one look at his Instagram page and you'll know the kind of ride you're in for! https://www.instagram.com/ohstandfast

We'll be throwing an Awesome party in his honour on April 3rd in Angel at the New Rose - comedy, music, a dropbox for new submissions...the works. You will seriously not want to miss it - and it's free entry, too!

THIRDLY - following on from the success of our anthology, Greetings, I am happy to announce that submissions for our next anthology will be opening on Friday 31st January! Poetry, prose and pictures - anything goes - although the title/theme this time round is: UNHEARD OF. Make of that what you will, and send all submissions in to: enthusiasticpress@mail.com.

That's pretty much it for now! Hit me up with any questions or comments - love to you all! Oh, and keep any eye out for our next podcast - following on from our debut recording with Oh Standfast, which can be heard here: https://enthusiasticpodcasts.bandcamp.com/releases

Speak soon!


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