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What does a baby think it is?

Hello, all! Quick update...

We are currently working on Carl Burkitt's wonderful debut collection of poetry, What Does a Baby Think It is? (And Other Questions), which is shaping up beautifully.

Carl will also have a poem or two included in our next exciting anthology, Unheard Of (which is the title as well as the theme!)

There is still time for last-minute submissions for the anthology (poetry, prose or photography, no word count required).

Email us your work at using the subject line: UNHEARD OF - (POETRY/PROSE/PHOTOGRAPHY) - TITLE, and pop a brief summary in the body of the email too.

We're currently lining up the next podcast and putting together ideas for the first Enthusiastic Press online performance event.

We will update you as and when we get to the bottom of that! (So busy...)

Thanks so much, all! Stay safe, avoid the beaches.

Love, E. Dave X

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