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2020 Vision

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Happy new year, everyone - and I mean that most enthusiastically!

2019 was a great year for Enthusiastic Press. We released an amazing collection of heart-wrenching poems by the oh-so-talented Stephanie Powell (as well as a couple of my own novels), but the highlight had to be Greetings - an anthology of poetry and prose that drastically changed the nature of our little venture and connected us to dozens of wonderful people. The book launch party at Dogstar of Brixton was a particular standout - what a great night that was.

We also held our very first social, and also put out our debut podcast - a chat with Oh Standfast himself (more on him below. Our chat:

But we are not resting on our laurels for 2020! We have two new release coming very soon - Gordon Meade's haunting collection of poetry, Zoospeak, and Graham 'Oh Standfast' Goddard's tome of hilarity - an as-yet-untitled book of poems, jokes, art, and so much more!

Furthermore, we're going in hard - studying for a Masters in publishing with Oxford Brookes University and learning how to get everyone involved with EP as much attention as they all so rightly deserve. There's much love here - my deepest gratitude to one and all who have connected with us over the last 9 months.

More to come!

Thank you a tonne,

Dave Rogers XXX

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